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So, it’s been awhile since I posted, and anyone who missed me I apologize for that. I just wanted to do a quick follow-up on the two posts I made as a lot has changed. First up, Brandon Marshall. Obviously neither the Seahawks nor Patriots took my advice as B-Marsh is now a Dolphin. It looks like a great fit Chad Henne comes into his first season as a starter with a solid number 1 receiver (sorry Ted Ginn.) Marshall benefits as well as he comes to a dolphins team featuring the strong armed Henne who has already put up a 300+ yard game with shall we say, sub par, receivers. The Phins are still a run first team, but now they don’t have to feel restricted to the run game and can put up a more balanced attack. Of course they are still in a division with the Jets and Patriots, so just how much of an impact this move will have on Miami’s win column remains to be seen. As for the Seahawks and Patriots, I’m hoping Mike Williams can find a return to form under his old college coach and The Pats seem to be pretty well set with Welker’s recovery moving along quickly.

My other post was a post draft review of the NFC North. Not a whole lot new on this front. Unless you count the whole Brett Farve thing. I had a whole rant about the media blowing up over the whole thing and all teh Vikings ‘missed chances’ crap that they kept going over. Obviously Minnesota wants Farve back, but if they don’t get him they’re ready to move forward with Tavaris Jackson, and honestly I hope that’s what happens. Jackson’s been developing, improving his game and it’s come time for him to either show his stuff or accept his role as clibboard holder. Anyway, I’m not super high on the Vikes this season, I think even if Farve comes back he can’t put up the same best of his career numbers, but he’ll certainly play well and they’ll be a good team, I just don’t know that they’ll be a great one. I still think Detroit’s stock rises this year, 7 wins is my ambitious hope for them, but I haven’t looked at the schedule. Stafford will likely have some more growing pains, I’m looking for Jahvid Best to make an impact, but he may end up getting banged up as rookie running backs tend to do. Packers are still my favorite, they haven’t made huge noise in the off season and the did lose Kampman, but they’ve got good young talent. The Bears could be the story. I’m waiting to see Cutler run Martz’s offense in a game before making any predictions, but they could be on their way to a pretty good season in the receivers can step up.

Final thoughts for this post. I know it’s a very ‘in’ pick right now, but I’m hoping for big things from the Raiders this year. I live in Washington and have been a fan of Jason Campbell the two years I was here, he was a guy who looked to have all the tools, but just couldn’t put everything together. I don’t know if the coaching staff in Oakland is going to be able to tap JC’s ‘potential’ but he’s coming off his best statistical season yet, he’s getting a bunch of young but talented wide receivers and a pass catching tight end. So he has the weapons, and he has the play book that will allow him to throw down field and put up big numbers, the question is can he make the most of those big throws, and can the line give him enough time to make them. 8-8 is, I think, is realistic. The division isn’t the strongest and San Diego is liable to struggle if Jackson continues his hold out.