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Football Fantasyland Week 11

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

I realize I’m a little behind on this, but I’ve decided I have deprived the world of my knowledge for long enough. Each week, I will start post a rundown of who I like each week in fantasy. ┬áSince I don’t have access to players and practices most of my picks will come from gut calls I make based on match ups and just whether or not I think a player will do well. Honestly match-ups only take you so far. I know this because I’ve been burned plenty this year by playing a strong match ups that result in a disappointing point total. But I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes and my loss can be your gain. Without further ado:

Pick-Ups: I live off the waiver wire (mostly cause I tend to draft poorly) so anyone else struggling to find a fill in because they’ve been disappointed by their big name players these are some guys I like.

Wide Recievers

Danny Amendola – I don’t think he’s really a secret any more, but he still seems to be pretty widely available. He doesn’t put up huge yardage numbers, but Bradford looks for him a lot, especially in the red zone, and he’s got some pretty favorable match-ups, including Atlanta this week where the Rams will likely be playing from behind and throwing.

Anthony Armstrong – Another name I’m not sure is really a secret anymore, but again McNabb is looking for him more and he’s proving himself to be a reliable target, he’s replaced Moss as the deep threat, so his point will come more from yards than TDs (the Skins can’t seem to throw for touchdowns to receivers) Tennessee this week isn’t a great match-up, but they should be throwing and the rest of the schedule is pretty favorable including games at Dallas and Jacksonville the final two weeks of the season.

Jacoby Ford – This is more of a sleeper pick than anything, but the week Jacoby ford went off for over a hundred yards I had actually picked up Darrius Heyward-Bey as I knew the Raiders would have to throw and figured Hey-Bey as the number 1 healthy receiver would be the beneficiary. Unfortunately, he got a few deep target but couldn’t reel anything in and Campbell turned to a more sure handed Ford. Louis Murphy is back this week, but Campbell never seemed especially comfortable with him and Heyward-Bey has been limited in practice, so Ford could be worth your time.

Running Backs

Mike Goodson – definitely seems worth a pick-up, he’s the only one who’s really looked like he even knows how to run the football for Carolina this season and with De Angelo Williams now on the IR he should be getting steady work whether or not Jonathan Stewart is in the line-up.

Cadillac Williams – Coming off his best game of the year the guy really refuses to go down without a fight and he’ll get touches as the third down back, and I’d look for him to start catching a few more passes. Earnest Graham is coming back from injury this week, but I don’t think he poses much of a threat.

Javarris James – It’s probably going to depend more on if Addai ends up playing, but the Colts seem to like James, and Donald Brown has done nothing special. If he gets goal line touches, he’ll score. That’s about all I can say.

Fred Jackson – Coming off a big day and Spillers hurt. If you haven’t picked him up you probably should, he gets 20 touches a game and the Bengals are not great against the run. Of course if Palmer scores quickly this game could become a shoot out, but before his big day Jackson still managed 7 points for four straight weeks so I look for at least low double digits this week.


Matt Cassell – I shouldn’t even have to explain at this point, and he should already be picked up, he’s throwing more and more and he gets the Cardinals this week who besides a four pick effort against Drew Brees, have not been great against the pass. That said I would look for the Chiefs to go up early in this game and run plenty, but they’ve been calling too many passes and Cassel has played too well the past few weeks for me to believe he won’t get his chance to put up numbers. And with games up coming against Seattle, San Diego and St. Louis he’s a good back up to have going into the play-offs if you think your starter will end up benched in the final weeks.

Sam Bradford – He puts up solid numbers week in and week out and he’s going to have to throw against the Falcons. He’s a solid Fanatsy back up and could be a solid starter as soon as next year if he stays healthy

Troy Smith – He’s played extremely well in two games as the starter showing a good arm and the added ability to scramble. I don’t love the match-up against Tampa Bay, but I could see him having a good game and he’s another guy with a pretty favorable schedule down the stretch.

Colt McCoy – This may be going out on a limb, but I’ve liked him since the draft (NFL not fantasy) and he’s a rookie who has played well against 4 of the best teams in the NFL the past few weeks and now he gets a weak Jaguars secondary. With the Browns, a lot comes down to the game plan, and McCoy isn’t usually asked to do too much other than game manage, but I think this could be a break out game for him.

Tight End

Jermaine Gresham – Apparently I’m very high on this years rookie class, or perhaps just easily persuaded by a good performance. It may be too soon to tell for sure, but it seems like Carson Palmer finally learned how to target his tight end last week. With TO and Ochocinco always looking for the ball and going against the Bills, Gresham could be easily lost in the fray, but I think he’ll get at least a touchdown.

Zach Miller – Jaguars edition. The Raiders Zach Miller should be gone in most leagues, if not pick that man up. The Jags Miller is not quite so instant a pick up, but he had a good game last week and may be able to steal a few red zone targets. Hopefully you have better options.


Not the most exciting position, but they can make a difference. In general I’ve become a fan of Ryan Succop of the Chiefs, Phil Dawson of the Browns has had two good games recently and he’s generally pretty accurate. Josh Scobee, also will probably have a good game.

Defense/Sp. Teams

You’ve probably got one you’re sticking to, but if you’re looking to change things up either the Bills or Bengals could have decent games. I’m looking for the Chiefs to play well this week as well and Detroit against Dallas makes me think one defense will have a good day and one won’t, but I can’t decide which.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Hopefully someone will read this in time for it to help them. If you have specific match-up questions feel free to post them in the comments section.