Bills Should Consider a Trade for Chiefs Albert

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Buffalo Bills hold the 8th overall selection in this years draft, but despite the high pick Buffalo could find all 3 top LT prospects off the board by the time they get their chance at the podium. Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher may be gone in the 1st two picks. The Eagles (4) and Lions (5) could also target a LT if either of the top two fall and it seems almost assured that the Cardinals will use their 7th overall pick on a LT expected to be Lane Johnson.

Now, LT may not be the biggest need for the Bills, but it would certainly be a nice boost to add a strong blindside protector, allowing last year’s second round pick Cordy Glenn to slide to the right side. This not only allows the team to bolster a line that lost a key player in guard Andy Levitre to free agency, but also frees up the team’s first round pick to be used on the QB of their choice.

I know, Bills fans are reluctant to go after a QB in the first, but if after going through work outs with the top prospects, there is a clear winner then it is worth the pick. While many have questioned the talent available in this year’s draft the popular theory seems to be that QB needy teams will pounce early in the 2nd round. In the second the Bills will be picking behind the Jaguars, Cardinals, and Jets who are all be looking to add a signal caller, but are unlikely to spend a first round selection on one.

Now it’s true the Bills could just trade back up into the bottom of the first to grab a QB, but this is a class with some depth, so being able to get your first choice for a franchise QB and add a solid young LT with the first two picks while maintaining a hold on later picks to add depth to the roster could turn what has been a rough offseason into Buffalo into a positive step forward for the franchise’s future.


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