Let’s speculate a deal: Tim Tebow for Matt Flynn

Posted: February 1, 2013 in NFL, Sports
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On paper at least, I feel like this makes sense to me. Both teams currently have back up QB’s that they don’t want, and would likely end up releasing new GM John Idzik did come from Seattle so maybe he could act as a bridge?

It shouldn’t be hard to see why the Jets would want to make this deal. Flynn provides Mark Sanchez with some actual competition for really the first time in his career. But Flynn did lose the battle for the Seattle job, and has yet to really prove he can be successful outside of Green Bay, so Sanchez still holds an edge. (As opposed to Alex Smith who’s signing would push Sanchez immediately the role of $8 million back-up.) Flynn’s contract could be an issue as it’s on the high end for back-up QB’s and the Jets look to be a little strapped for cash this offseason.

Seattle is the tougher sell. Unfortunately, after watching the Jets circus unfold this past season, Tebow’s probably not topping anyone’s wish list, but he could be a valuable asset. He’d be coming into the last year of his rookie contract, but might be open to renegotiating, taking a small pay cut, tacking on another year (pure speculation, of course.) But it’s not a terrible fit. Seattle gets a a back-up QB who can run the spread option if Russell Wilson is forced to miss time due to injury, and even assuming the Seattle coaching staff can’t improve Tebow’s passing just look at what he was able to do in Denver with a power running game and top tier defense (two things Seattle certainly has.)

Tebow’s biggest drawback is the media attention he will undoubtedly draw, but that should get reeled back since he will be brought in as a clear back-up. Plus Seattle could use some extra media attention: come for Tebow, stay for the defense.

I also think this could be Tebow’s best shot at becoming a starter again, obviously not with Seattle, they’re set. But Seattle was able to run up some pretty big scores this year, and I’m sure if they do it again next year they’d like the option of pulling their franchise QB out a little early.

I’ll wrap up with a quick point of clarification, that I feel should be obvious, but just in case: I don’t have any insider knowledge. I don’t know if there’s any interest from either party, I just think it would be a trade worth exploring, especially if the original teams were only going to cut these players anyway.


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