Alex Smith to Chiefs Could Make Most Sense

Posted: January 30, 2013 in NFL, Sports
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It has become all but official, Alex Smith won’t be a 49er for the first time in his NFL career come next season. The question that looms is what jersey the former #1 draft pick will be wearing come March.

The Utopian answer seems to be a trade to the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite their NFL worst record, the Chiefs should be an attractive option for Smith. He’ll have a proven stud running back in Jamaal Charles, two talented pass catching tight ends in Kevin Boss and Tony Moeaki, and assuming Dwayne Bowe resigns, a talented #1 WR. Plus he’d be following a precedent set by Joe Montana…probably doesn’t make it more enticing but i does make for an interesting side note

The deal works for Kansas City because Smith could offer the kind of immediate turn around Andrew Luck helped the Colts pull off last year. The Broncos will still rule the division, but the Raiders and Chargers are still searching for an identity. Smith also seems like a good fit for Reid’s offense, (Smith has plenty of experience using his backs and TE’s) and any young QB they bring in couldn’t ask for a better mentor than Smith. Trading for Smith rather than waiting for his release also seems ideal. Smith will have 2 years left on his deal and will make a decent salary but the deal is far from extravagant and any low draft pick they give up is already compensated by Smith’s presence saving them from reaching for a top prospect in a week QB class.

The 49ers also come out of the deal happy because they get something back for a player they were willing to cut, and moving him to the AFC has to be better than giving the division rival Cardinals a chance to pick him up. (Should Smith be released I think Arizona becomes the front runner)

  1. Sean says:

    I wish KC Signs him! He will not only help us win games…But he will be a role model for the team….

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