Beware the Spectacular Start: Thoughts on Kevin Ogletree and Week 1 Standouts to Come

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Fantasy, NFL, Sports
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Well sports fans, football is officially back as of Wednesday night and the Kevin Ogletree fantasy sweepstakes has likely already begun, but before you enter your waiver claim I’d like to offer a few words of warning about Kevin Ogletree and the other week 1 wonders who will surface this coming Sunday.

First things first. There’s no denying that Ogletree looked impressive. 8 catches, 114 yards and 2 TDs…it’s impressive. But now let’s give some context. The Giants secondary, at it’s playoff best is spectacular, at it’s regular season best however it is pedestrian (don’t ask me how this works, just look at the numbers and try telling me I’m wrong) Add to that the fact that Ogltree was covered by the 5th best corner on this squad, and owes many of his targets to that fact and you start to wonder just how impressive those numbers are. Add to it the fact that Jason Witten still wasn’t fully recovered and used less in the passing game (2 catches, 7 yards) for that reason and consistency really becomes a big question mark surrounding Ogletree.

Now for the counterpoint. As far as week 1 explosions go, Ogletree will likely be one of the most promising. The Cowboys have been waiting for him to step up and that’s exactly what he did Wednesday night. We also know Tony Romo likes the #3 receivers thanks to Laurent Robinson, and Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are a far cry from the picture of perfect health…I just don’t foresee any consistency with Ogletree going forward. The nickel corners will get tougher, Jason Witten will get better and Miles and Dez will each have their time in the spotlight.

Bottom Line: I want to see Ogletree produce consistently before adding him to my roster, but if you’ve already got that one roster spot you’re not sure about, this is your best chance to snag him. Just remember you draft the guys you draft for a reason and one week does not make a season.

I’ll be back with a pick up column after Sundays match-ups. Good Luck in week one.

  1. All valid points but when you look back to last season, it was Laurent Robinson that was in the spot that Ogletree now occupys. Defenses focus their coverage on Witten, Austin and Dez leaving Ogletree (Robinson last year) to attract defenses weakest coverage. It’s not so much about Ogletree. Robinson showed us that. No one knew who he was last year but his productivity was spectacular. He scored 11 TDs, 858 yards in 14 games.

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