Football Fantasyland 2012 Sleepers: Peas Under the Mattress (QBs)

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Fantasy, NFL, Sports
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You know the story of the Princess and the Pea, right? Well, the gist is that there’s this princess who can’t sleep if you put a single pea under her mattress because it hurts her back…or something. Look, the point is, in your fantasy draft this year you are the princess (deal with it, it’s a good thing.) If you can find those players (or “peas”) buried deep in the draft (or “mattress”) you will be able to sleep easy knowing your fantasy roster is ready for anything…like say losing 3 of your top four picks in the first two weeks of the season (trust me, it happens.) So, without further confusion, I present, your peapods:


Robert Griffin III, WAS: You may know him as RG3 or Bob, and if you don’t know him now, trust me, you will by the end of the season. I don’t have much to say that you probably haven’t already heard. Kyle Shannahan finally has a QB to run the type of passing attack that saw Matt Schaub throw for 4,770 yards in 2009. The receivers will need to step up, and the O-Line needs to stay healthy, but in the 8th-10th round range, Griffin’s well worth the risk.

Matt Cassel, KC: Unfortunately Cassel has become something of a fixture on preseason sleeper lists, every year is supposed to be the year he proves he’s worth his contract, and every year he ends up doing just enough to keep his job. So why is this year different? For starters, Jon Baldwin (more on him later.) The run games more dynamic with the return of Jamaal Charles and addition of Peyton Hillis, but the real reason I think this year could be different is everyone’s new favorite position, Tight End. Tony Moeaki was a favorite of Cassel before missing last season and adding ex-Giant/Raider Kevin Boss gives Cassel another big bodied security blanket/redzone Target. Cassel’s still no better than a #2 QB, but he should top the list of bye week fill-in’s

Jay Cutler, CHI: His line needs to keep him upright, but assuming they can manage that task I’m a total believer in the Cutler/Marshall reunion. Beyond that, there’s the return of Matt Forte, the addition of Alshon Jeffries, and I’m still holding out hope for Earl Bennett. Barring a stellar preseason or 14 team league Cutler’s best taken as a bye week option with upside (particularly if you’re taking a chance with your QB#1)

Joe Flacco, BAL: I may end up regretting this, but I feel like I have to mention Flacco. The emergence of Torrey Smith, with Boldin on the other side, two young pass catching TE’s and Ray Rice returning, the pieces are all their. Flacco’s also in in his contract year, and coming off a bit of a rough season (lowest career completion % [57.6%], highest turnovers [21], 2nd lowest TD’s [20] and yds) If ever there were a season for him to go off, it’s this one. He should be a round pretty much all of your draft (depending on the baltimore fandom in your league) so grab him late (or wait and snag him off the waiver wire.

Andrew Luck, IND: Deserves a mention. You have to figure he’ll be throwing a lot and after what Cam Newton did last year it would be no surprise to see him excel right away. (At least from a fantasy perspective.) Draftable as #2 late in the draft if you’re feeling Luck-y (sorry, but I had to)

Josh Freeman, TB: Is another guy I need to bring up (sorry, I love QB’s) Vincent Jackson brings a big body and a veteran presence to a young receiving group, and don’t forget Dallas Clark is now holding down the Tight End spot. He may not be the guy he used to be, but Freeman’s gotta feel good about having one of Peyton Manning’s favorite targets as a check down. Like most of the guys here he’s a bye week fill in with upside.


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