Quick Hit: Colt McCoy could be a fit in St. Louis

Posted: August 2, 2012 in NFL, Sports
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It seems the Browns are shopping Colt McCoy, looking for minimal compensation, but finding a suitor for a 6′ QB with limited arm strength isn’t easy. But I think I may have found a spot for him, with the Rams. Sam Bradford is obviously entrenched as the starter, but with Bradford’s injury history they’re going to need a much better back up than Kellen Clemons. Steven Jackson is already a force on the ground and Danny Amendola should return as a solid weapon in the slot.

Buffalo is probably the only other trade partner I can think of. Gailey would like the athleticism Colt brings to the table, and Stevie Johnson would provide at least one solid target (which is more than he ever got in Cleveland.) Of course McCoy only really becomes an option if the team doesn’t like what it sees from Vince Young.


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