Cowboys Could Look to a Familiar Source for WR Depth

Posted: July 24, 2012 in NFL, Sports
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Dez Bryant is still yet to meet with the NFL or his team in regards to any possible suspension stemming from his recent legal troubles, but with or without Dez, the Cowboys are looking a little thin at WR. Laurent Robinson was a solid contributor for Dallas last year as the teams 3rd wide receiver, but he is now in Jacksonville and the Cowboys have done little to replace him. The current free agents aren’t particularly enticing (though I could see a call to Braylon Edwards agent if Dez does get slapped with a suspension.) There’s Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams, but they’ve both played in Big D before and weren’t exactly fan favorites. More likely the Cowboys will wait to see who gets cut in training camp, and I’d be keeping a close eye on St. Louis.

I know, St. Louis is widely panned for it’s lack of a true #1 talent at receiver, but it’s actually because of this that the team is rife with #2’s and #3’s all vying for those two spots. Robinson came to Dallas from the Rams, a guy who showed flashes, but just couldn’t stay healthy long enough to earn his keep, so the Rams cut him. This year Danario Alexander and/or Austin Pettis could find themselves in a similar spot, and either could be of use. Alexander is personally my favorite to make the Rams roster, he’s got that rare size/speed combination you always here about and he could be very close to putting it all together and having a solid year. But, like Robinson before him, Alexander has struggled with injuries and could be deemed expendable by the Rams new coaching staff. Pettis will be entering only his second year, and offers some value in the return game and on special teams, so that combination of versatility and youth could save his roster spot.

To me, it comes down to those two. It’s possible Danny Amendola is the one who ends up on the outs if Alexander can prove his worth on the outside and Steve Smith can recapture his old magic in the slot, but the bottom line is the Rams will end up having to cut at least one of these guys and any of the three should be still be able to find work in the NFL, and the Cowboys already have a proven track record of turning the Rams cast offs into stars.

In case you’re wondering the Rams receivers are: Brian Quick, Chris Givens (both rookies) Steve Smith (more than $2 million guaranteed) Greg Salas, (last year’s rookie, proved reliable target) Danny Amendola, (missed all of last year) Danario Alexander,(18 games in 2 years, avg. 16 yds/catch) Austin Pettis,(2nd year, versatile, 9.5 yds/catch) Brandon Gibson(favorite to get dropped, decent player, but couldn’t step up when injuries gave him the chance)

As long as I’m jabbering about the NFC West I’ll sneak another name from a Rams rival into the mix. 49ers WR Kyle Williams could end up available, and might be a fit for Dallas. With Randy Moss impressing in camp, the steady improvement of Michael Crabtree, the special team talents of Ted Ginn and the additions of Mario Manningham and AJ Jenkins through free agency and the draft repectively, Williams could find himself fighting undrafted rookie Chris Owusu for the teams 6th WR spot. Owusu probably has some ways to go and is more likely to end up on the practice squad, but he has played in Harbaugh’s system and has that coveted size/speed combo that the 5’10 Williams does not.

Just a reminder, this has all been speculation on my part. I have absolutely no knowledge of who will or won’t make their teams final rosters and whether they will or won’t find homes elsewhere. I just happen to believe there will be a fair amount of talent floating around once training camp gets under way and that the Cowboys will want to add someone before week one.

  1. It will be intersting to see who they end up with. For now the make up of the Cowboys wideouts leave much to be desired making it difficult to consider Tony Romo as a top ten QB.

    Nice article!

  2. Steven Jeffries says:

    You won’t see Williams nor Crayton in Dallas again. However, it looks like every “wanna be” WR west of the Mississippi is on their training camp roster! Hopefully somebody will step up! Jerry Jones needs to find a way to dump Bryant, he’s a lost cause…

    • Brett Clancy says:

      You better hold on to Dez for dear life if you want any chance of competing. Not sure who you think is on the roster to “step up” considering past Ogletree I don’t think anyone has even seen the field in an NFL game. Once the cuts start coming Dallas will find it’s #3

      • Steven Jeffries says:

        Thanks Brett for the comment. I don’t know who may “show up,” but I do know the NFL is full of surprises.

        Several stars have come from the ranks of the “unknown” so we’ll have to wait and see…

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