Setting the record straight on Drew Brees’ $100 million contract

Posted: July 16, 2012 in NFL, Sports
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First things first. While Dew Brees signed a 5-year $100 million contract with the Saints it does not mean he is making $20 million a year. The 20 million number that is being thrown around is merely the average annual salary. In other words if the deal were split equally among the years, Brees would make 20 million annually, but this deal was far from evenly distributed.

Just for signing his name Brees made $37 million. An addition $3 million will serve as his base salary. In addition the the $37 million bonus there is an additional $23 million in guaranteed money over the life of the contract, leaving us with a total of $60 million in guarantees.

In addition to being heavily front loaded with the bonus, Brees contract is also back loaded a bit, with his base salary in creasing the last few years of the contract. So, worry not fiscally responsible Saints fans, Brees is not costing you quite so much as he seems.

Also I’m not sure how it worked out this way, but it’s worth mentioning the bonus is somehow prorated which leads to Brees actually costing less against the cap this year and next than if he were playing under the franchise tag.

I used to have a link that broke down the numbers simply, but I lost it, so I’m giving you guys this one to an article by Andrew Brandt for any further technical questions on the deal.


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