Does Ochocinco Signing Reflect a Failed Offseason for Fins?

Posted: June 13, 2012 in NFL, Sports
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The Miami Dolphins have signed on Chad Ochocinco to join there squad for the 2012 season, but this might not be great news for Miami fans. If you read my last post you know I didn’t think the Dolphins would have any more than a passing interest in the former Patriot.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s a bad fit. I do, however think that it points to trouble ahead for the team. I should clarify, this isn’t about Chad, i hope succeeds and he might have found the best place to do so, but this signing goes against the Dolphins MO. This offseason has been all about the rebuild. There was the half hearted run at Peyton Manning, the Matt Flynn debacle and even the Alex Smith visitation, but after the draft it seemed clear that Miami’s plan all along was to get Ryan Tannehill and start to rebuild.

But that’s quarterback, and we’re talking WR, so let’s get back to that. Brandon Marshall, the teams best pass catcher, but admittedly more than a bit of a disruption was traded for two 3rd round picks…not maximum value, but a decent trade off considering the depth of this draft class at WR. I had thought, that surely the team had their eyes on some unsung Wideouts they were hoping to grab with those picks (or at least one of them…even packaging them to move back into the 2nd round and grab a Rueban Randle or Alshon Jeffery) This of course didn’t happen, the picks went elsewhere and it wasn’t until the 6th round that Miami even made an attempt to fill the gapping hole left by the Pro-bowler they shipped to Chicago.

At the time, it seemed like the Fins were sending a clear message. We’re happy with the guys we have at WR, and we look forward to watching them blossom into superstars under the guidance of new head coach Joe Philbin…and now here we are, Philbin has admitted the WR were struggling and Ochocinco was signed. Maybe, since he’s fighting for a chance to prove himself Chad will bring some extra energy to the squad and the unit as a whole will improve. I guess we’ll soon see.


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