Ochocinco Cut by Pats…Next Stop Texas?

Posted: June 7, 2012 in NFL, Sports
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If you haven’t heard yet, Chad Ochocinco will be cut from the New England Patriots, but I don’t expect him to stay on the market long. Ocho’s struggles last year were huge, but his 2010 campaign was impressive, and word out of Patriots camp is the receiver looks fast, he just cannot get the playbook down. Personally, I think the best fit for Chad could be with the Houston Texans. Houston lost Jacoby Jones to free agency, and have mostly rookies at WR behind Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter, so Ocho could be a good depth addition. I’m also guessing Chad would be an easy sign considering he’s after a Superbowl ring and Houston is an early front runner. (not to mention the number 85 jersey is available thanks to the departure of Joel Dreessen)

There are of course no shortage of teams in need of wide receiver, particularly depth additions. Miami would be interesting, but Miami’s all about the rebuild right now and I don’t think Chad helps that. In fact the Bills are the AFC East team I could most see grabbing Ocho. The Bills are making a push and could be in position to get something done this year and there WR corps was plagued with injuries last year.

Failing to land with a potential playoff contender, I could see Chad make a move to Minnesota. The Vikings could use another target for Ponder.

There is also the possibility of a return to Ohio. Cleveland lacks playmakers, and they just drafted a big arm QB, I think that at least warrants a visit. Not a great situation for Chad, but he would get two games against Cincinnati and it could be a good chance to set up a comeback with a one year deal.


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