Is Jake Long (unofficially) On the Trading Block?

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The Miami Dolphins made some waves with the selection of OT Jonathan Martin from Stanford in the second round of this years draft. Martin spent his years protecting Andrew Luck’s blindside…which in many people’s opinion seems to guarantee him a long and successful career in the NFL on the left side. I don’t necessarily agree with this and find it completely logical that the Dolphins want him playing on the right for the foreseeable future with Jake Long continuing to hold down the left side.

But, Long is in the last year of his rookie contract set to make just over $11 million this year. Martin is much cheaper and has been touted as an ideal fit for Philbin’s offense. Still the Dolphins would have to be crazy to let Long hit the open market after all the success he’s had for a mostly unsuccessful team. Of course there is the distinct possibility long will want to go somewhere else…and he should have his pick of suitors so maybe Miami drafted Martin knowing they would be unlikely to resign Long.

Or maybe, the team is very quietly shopping Long to suitors with some extra cap space who want to get in on the sweepstakes early. Let’s be honest. Everything Miami has done this offseason is with eyes on the future. Manning and Flynn were passed up in favor of Tannehill and Brandon Marshall was traded for draft picks. And Ireland did say when asked about Long adapting Philbin’s scheme that he was confident the LT could adapt to any scheme as well as any team in the NFL. Yes it’s very possible it was an innocuous overstatement from a GM trying to win back his fans, but it could also be a very subtle hint that the team will entertain offers for the former number 1 overall draft pick if it means additional pieces for that future team Ireland hopes to have reclaim the AFC East.


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