Do the Pats Need Wes Welker?

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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If you haven’t heard by now, Wes Welker is in full holdout mode after the Patriots decided to slap the franchise tag on him this offseason. Welker feels he’s earned a long term deal (can’t say I disagree) and is refusing to sign the tag, proclaiming that he is willing to wait all the way through the team’s first mandatory workout in June, and likely beyond if it reaches that point.

This of course goes against the Patriot way. In New England it’s all for the team, and former Pats have already called for Wes to end the act and get back to playing football. Wes’ contentious stance on receiving the franchise tag for a second straight year raises the question, do the Patriots really need him?

The notion that they might not seems crazy. He’s coming off a huge year and has been Tom Brady’s favorite target, but the team isn’t exactly lacking in offensive weapons. Gronkowski and Hernandez consistently create mismatches at Tight End and the additions of Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney and Anthony Gonzalez along with the resigning of Deion Branch and restructuring of Chad Ochocinco’s contract the team is far from desperate at the position.

Lloyd blossomed under Pats OC Josh McDaniels in both Denver and St. Louis; Gaffney is coming off one of his best statistical seasons; Gonzalez used to catch balls in the slot from Peyton Manning; and Ochocinco…well he certainly can’t do any worse than last season.

Bottom Line: Patriots hold all the cards in this one, so it’s up to Welker, either he signs the tag, plays out the year and keep working on that new deal, stick to the hold out and miss the year, or ask for a trade.


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