As Market Slims for QB’s Philly or Oakland could be Ideal

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Peyton Manning is a Bronco, Tebow is a Jet, Flynn is in Seattle, even Miami and Jacksonville have signed David Garrard and Chad Henne. A lot of teams are locking down their top two signal callers and the pickings are getting slim for the guys left on the outside. But even so there are two talented teams with injury prone starters who should be looking for a solid back-up.

Philadelphia gave Vince Young his walking papers, and I have to be honest, I think Young is the best QB still on the market. Don’t get me wrong he looked bad last year, and I’m not suggesting a reunion. But, I do think Vince Young’s agent ought to put in a call to Oakland’s front office. The 6’5 scrambler has a big arm, making him capable of taking full advantage of Oakland’s speedy young receiving core. Young has expressed a desire to play in Texas, but I can’t see that move making a lot of sense for the Texans as T.J. Yates proved himself to be at least worthy of the back-up spot with his fill-in play late last year.

Meanwhile I think Philly could be wise to take a look at Young’s opposing QB in the 2006 Rose Bowl, Matt Leinart. Leinart looked poised for a possible break out before the Matt Schaub injury, but ended up injured himself before he could make an impact. I’ll be completely honest I’m basing my recommendation of Leinart to Philly solely on the Eagles need for another QB and Leinart being a lefty QB who I think still has a lot to contribute. Obviously, he’s not a scrambler, but I have to think having another lefty to back up Vick simplifies things if he goes down.

St. Louis actually might not be bad for Leinart either. (I don’t think Fisher has any desire to have Vince on his team again) I see it being less ideal as they would have to take on a mentor-type role to Sam Bradford and I don’t know that Leinart is willing (or capable) of filling such a spot, but after last season the Rams proved they could sure use some depth behind Bradford.

  1. Never was a Leinart fan. Thought he was over rated and a complete bust in Arizona. I don’t see him improving with age. As much as Vick gets injured the Eagles could use several backups…lol There’s also the upcoming NFL draft and after RGIII and Luck there could be some serviceable QB’s to be had.
    Nice post!

    • Brett Clancy says:

      I’ll admit to some bias when it come to Leinart, I’ve always liked him. And the reason I suggested him over just drafting a back-up was primarily because they seem to like Mike Kafka, but I don’t know that he;s ready for the back up role. That said Russell Wilson could be an interesting fit for him. He’s got all the skills, but is a bit undersized which makes him easy to grab with a later round pick. (They could also opt for a guy like Kirk Cousins in the second if they are concerned about getting Vick a successor) And thank you.

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