Thank You, Teddy Bruschi

Posted: April 6, 2012 in NFL, Sports
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With the entire football world in upheaval over the recent release of the Gregg Williams audio, it fell to ESPN analyst and former Patriots linebacker, Teddy Bruschi, to actually offer some perspective. Bruschi was asked about the audio and some of the things Williams said on the tape about targeting certain players on the 49ers and his thoughts. Bruschi wasn’t appalled, he didn’t call for Greg Williams head, he addressed the issue at hand which is a lot of what Williams was telling his players were things he’d heard all his life from coaches. Defensive players are encouraged to hit guys “in the mouth” or right up under the chin strap and drive them down and make them not want to get back up. This is the mentality a lot of defensive coaches take and it’s just not applicable anymore with the new rules put in place to protect players the entire head area is completely off limits. Coaches need to adapt the way they speak and teach their players to fit in line with the new guidelines.

Bruschi did say that Williams went too far in talking about wanting to give Kyle Williams another concussion and attacking Michael Crabtree’s ACL. There’s a silent agreement among players, he said that you don’t take away a guys legs because if he can’t move the way he used to it threatens their careers and their livelihood.

This has just been a quick appreciation post for Bruschi who is consistently my favorite player turned analyst. I’ve pretty much just paraphrased his thoughts without adding much of my own opinion as I found his take refreshing. The NFL is a physical game, and as a defensive player you have to want to hurt the other guy…to an extent of course. But you can’t have a defensive coordinator trying to fire up his team saying “Go out there and hit them with a reasonable amount of force to keep from getting fined!” but neither should you tell players specific areas to injure with the implication that they will be rewarded for causing lasting injuries. In other words you need to be able to lay a guy out without the intention of shortening his career.

(source: Sportcenter)

  1. I agree with Bruschi about Williams going too far and therein lies my problem and Goodells too. Ironic that the game that was played after that tape was made, it was Frisco who rocked the Saints and it made it look like all that chatter by Williams was an utter waste of time…
    Nice Post!

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