The Case for Coby Fleener: Why TE not WR could be key to making 49ers unstoppable

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Sports
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I know, I know they already have Vernon Davis, but the 49ers pick 30th and the signings of Randy Moss and Mario Manningham removed urgency to add a WR and this class is deep at the position. Sure, they could add a pass rusher to add depth to a highly talented unit, but again it’s a deep class and there’s no immediate need. They could use a guard if one of the elite prospects is still available, but part of the reason they let Adam Snyder go in confidence in his second year back up, so a veteran could make more sense there.

Without a pressing NEED to drive the decision they may opt to go for the best overall player available and that player could be Stanford’s Coby Fleener. At 6’6 Fleener provides a big target for Alex Smith in the red zone and with a 4.5 40-yard dash he’s a match-up nightmare for defenses. We saw a lot of 2TE formations in the NFC championship and New England set the groundwork for this style of play with Gronkowski and Hernandez. Putting Fleener out on the field with Davis, Moss and Crabtree (not to mention Frank Gore in the backfield) the 49ers could become unstoppable.

The fact that Fleener would be reunited with his college coach is just gravy. The biggest knock that’s come out against Fleener is his pass blocking needs work, but San Francisco’s current #2 TE, Delanie Walker, is primarily a pass catcher anyway, so it likely wouldn’t be a huge drop off.


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