How Long Will Tebow Stay a Jet?

Posted: March 24, 2012 in NFL, Sports
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Update: Tim Tebow is officially a New York Jet, but how long can we expect Tebow to stay in New York? The Jets have been adamant about Tim’s status as a back-up and wildcat QB and insist that they’re dedicated to Mark Sanchez, but how long can the two be expected to co-exist? Tebow and Sanchez are both young guys who see long careers ahead of the in the NFL…as starters. Tebow has already said he wants to push for the starter spot, and he should. The Jets brought him in because they needed someone to push Sanchez. The problem with Tebow is just how hard he might push because, quite frankly, he could send Sanchez over the edge on his way to taking over the starter’s spot. I’m not trying to take anything away from Mark Sanchez, he’s a talented young QB who’s game is improving each year…but so is Tebow. And the gap between Tebow and Sanchez is much smaller than between most starters and back-ups. Most back-ups are guys who proved over years of trial and error that they couldn’t quite cut it as a full season starter, or guys who never really get a proper shot to prove themselves on the big stage. Tim Tebow on the other hand lead his team to a playoff victory and had a streak of 6 consecutive wins after taking over what was looking like a very dismal season for the Broncos. (Yes, he got a huge boost from the defense, special teams, and running game, but the team looked miserable before he took the reigns)

The bottom line is even if everything goes according to plan in New York and Sanchez stays healthy and plays well and Tebow does a good job running the wild cat all it will mean is further improvement for Tebow. Even if we’re assuming that Sanchez is able to fend off Tebow with both guys improving at a similar rate, at some point in the not too distant future Tebow will exceed the back up role and he or Sanchez will need to leave New York for greener pastures (with a less green color scheme)


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