Would Brees Actually Sit Out 2012?

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Sports
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It’s possible that the fallout for the Saints might not be over. While I would consider it highly unlikely that Drew Brees would do that to his teammates it’s an interesting question given the circumstances. Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are both suspended for the season, Brees was adamant that he didn’t know about the bounty program and now that the punishment has been doled out, does it make Brees see the organization in a different light? Again, Drew loves the fans and the city of New Orleans, holding out for an entire season has slim to none chances, but in an NFL where Peyton Manning can spend a year getting neck surgery and then sign a 96 million dollar contract* you have to wonder if Drew Brees isn’t reassessing his own value and what he could be worth, even after a year away.

*for the record I think the Broncos are overpaying big time and I’m kind of hoping the deal bites them in the ass, even if that just means solid, but not exceptional play by Manning and no playoff wins to show for it.


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