The NFL’s Odd Couple

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Sports
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What happens when you take a humble soft spoken QB with an unconventional playing style and put him on a team with an arrogant and out-spoken head coach? The 2012 Jets are about to find out. I’ll be honest, I had a feeling Tebow was going to end up in the AFC East, but the Jets seemed to have the least to gain. Miami was running down every QB available and Tebow’s Florida roots would mean an instant spike in revenue. The Patriots already have a crowd of 3 QBs but with the McDaniels back in New England adding Tebow as a goal line threat and trading Ryan Mallet or Brian Hoyer (who both would likely garner a few offers.) The Bills saw a huge fall off in production from Ryan Fitzpatrick as the year went on and they lack a solid back-up, but the Jets? The Jets had just extended Mark Sanchez’ contract and  signed Drew Stanton as a back up and get back second year player Greg McElroy who was putting in an impressive preseason before suffering a season ending injury.

Bringing in a personality like Tebow’s is dangerous. He chased Kyle Orton out of Denver by simply being a good teammate and accepting his role as a developing back up to a talented veteran on a team that despite evident talent was struggling to win games. Meanwhile fans called for Tebow under center with billboards until finally the organization seemed to give up. They traded their best receiver benched Orton and braced themselves for a downward spiral. Only to have Tebow scramble and play fake his way into the playoffs and past the Steelers before finally losing to the eventual AFC Champions. And all this happened in Denver. Now Tebow is in New York, the city that eats small market athletes alive. If he thought he was under a microscope before, just wait until he takes his first snap for Gang Green. Every fumble, every interception is the turnover that loses the game and writes your ticket out of town. Every goal line touchdown is 100 more votes for the Tebow day parade.

New York is never an easy place to play and Tebow has allied himself with the wrong side for understanding. The Giants, and Yankees fans tend to coincide. Their teams are winners, they have pride, and are built on tradition. The Mets and the Jets fans are the ones who lurk in the shadows, singing the praises of every new headline acquisition that fills us with hope, that this is the guy. This is the year. And when those hopes are faded to a glimmer by mid season the boos become deafening as those once praised as saviors are shouted down as hacks.

  1. Very, very true.

    Nice Post!

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