Dolphins Hit Reset at Start of Offseason

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Sports

Now that Matt Flynn has signed with Seattle all hope for the Miami is lost. At least, that’s what popular opinion might lead you to believe, but I think the Dolphins came into this off season with a plan and for better or worse they are sticking to it. After finishing 6-10 last season the decision was made somewhere in the organization to enter rebuilding mode. For all of their interest in Manning the team made no real effort to put themselves ahead of the competition. Denver offered John Elway, a talented young receiving, a stout defense, and solid running game.  The Titans offered much the same, but replaced Elway with promises of a lifetime contract and a pro bowl guard. The 49ers even as a late entrant offered the second best team in the NFC last season without Manning and the Dolphins…traded their best Wide Receiver for a pair of third round picks. Not exactly making it a tough call for Peyton.

Much the same can be said for Matt Flynn. Offering him a team that lost it’s best Receiver and failed to sign a replacement likely paled in comparison to  a Seahawks roster featuring talented second year WR Doug Baldwin, as well as Sidney Rice, Mike Williams and Zach Miller. Even before courting Flynn though there was a statement by Coach Philbin saying that his familiarity with the ex-Packer didn’t necessarily mean they would sign him and the familiarity wasn’t an advantage…in other words he wouldn’t mind having Flynn, but he wasn’t willing to stake his head coaching career on the guy. And now he won’t have to.

Instead it will likely be Matt Moore in competition with Ryan Tannehill come spring training, bringing a pair of rookie wide receivers along with him (at least one of them coming from the picks received for Marshall.) It’s certainly not the worst case scenario some analysts seem to think it is. Moore rejuvenated the offense and the Daniel Thomas/Reggie Bush Tandem is solid. I’ll be honest I have no idea what the defense looks like, but I imagine it’s decent and the holes will be addressed in the draft or with lower level free agents. The Dolphins claimed they wanted to make a splash, but when everyone else shelled out to get their guy the Dolphins shyed off. So it’s a lesser splash, but if they can build on the success they had the second half of last season by adding some rookie talent from a deep WR class they should be good enough to finish around 8-8…then again they could stumble out of the blocks and end up 4-12

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