Why No One Needs Peyton Manning

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Sports
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With Robert Griffin dealt to the Redskins (in the form of the #2 pick) Peyton Manning has become the hottest QB commodity in the NFL. And with Manning likely not staying on the market much longer, I’m hear to tell you why none of the final four teams actually need him.


In past articles I’ve touched on why I think the Broncos are interested in Manning despite winning their division and upsetting the Steelers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Elway wants Tebow out of Denver, but as long as tebow keeps winning and drawing crowds his hands are tied. Peyton Manning is possibly the only QB who can be brought in with little to no argument of the fan base and then deal Tebow, and draft his own guy to sit under Manning and take over. And while that sounds great for Elway and Broncos front office the pressure will be on Manning to win right away, and go deep in the playoffs. With Manning coming off a year without play and having to adjust quickly to the altitude in Denver and the cold later in the season that could be difficult. The Broncos have a lot of young talent including Tebow who will be entering only his third year in NFL, and while yes he does have a long way to go to become a great passer, you have to give him some time to get there.


Arizona swung and missed on Kolb last season, and Manning looks like the second coming of Kurt Warner (in terms of success for their franchise) so their interest is certainly justified. But reports are being the NFC team in the race could lose them some serious points in the final tally. But Cards fans shouldn’t fret. First year in a new system means Kolb should be given a little slack, maybe. Or maybe you look beyond Kolb to John Skeleton who has worked his way past Derek Anderson, and Max Hall two seasons ago, and taking over for Kolb last season. While that’s not exactly an all star line-up he’s overtaken the Cards were heating up with Skeleton behind center towards the end of last season. Maybe he can capitalize on that going forward. After all Manning isn’t a long term answer, just another stop gap solution for a team that has quite a few holes to fill.


Miami is the team on the table that seems to have the most options outside of Manning. Brandon Marshall has already cast a vote for Matt Flynn, so you don’t have to worry about his happiness if the Fins miss on Manning. And failing to get the former Green Bay back-up still leaves Ryan Tannehill in the draft. (With the Redskins moving up for Griffin and No. 4 seeming way to high for the browns to reach with so many other needs, availability shouldn’t be a problem with the Texas A&M standout) I believe Tannehill or Flynn put into a competition with Matt Moore makes the most sense for the Dolphins going forward.


I actually like Manning to Tennessee for the shear poetry of it. He gets his old team twice a year, on team with a lot of talent and in the state where he made his name as one of the most prolific passers in the University of Tennessee history. But poetry aside, I don’t really see the need for Manning. Kenny Britt will be coming back and before his injury he was one of Matt Hasselbeck’s favorite targets. And while Hasselbeck did slow down towards the end last year, we got to see some very promising things out of rookie Jake Locker, who could be ready to start as soon as this year if a Manning signing doesn’t interfere. Side Note: Manning signing with the Titans could end up being good news for the Cardinals as it likely means the end of Matt Hasselbeck’s stint in Tennessee and the Cards would gain a veteran QB who had great success within their division, before a short stint with another team was ended by a Manning…it could be Kurt Warner all over again.


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