I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I can’t really explain it, but they always seem like such outsiders, they play in a smaller market, in a state that breathes football (at least at the collegiate level) and while they tend to land some talent, they just never quite put everything together. So here I am to help the Jags along in how to approach free agency, and who they should be targeting.

Mario Williams, DE/OLB

I think Jacksonville needs to open their checkbooks for this guy and pay him what he wants. Williams is a dynamic pass rusher, he’s a guy from your division at a time when their is a definite power shift occurring in the AFC South. He can quickly step in an become a leader on this team. Add a few more key pieces through the draft and lower level free agents with Williams as the anchor and this Defense could become dangerous quickly.

Carl Nicks, LG

Nicks wants to get paid. The Jaguars need offensive line help. The Jaguars have a lot of cap space. Failing a signing of Mario Williams, Nicks is the next guy who I would consider opening up the checkbook for. Nicks is a pro-bowler and is only 26 years old. If you’re Jacksonville you know you need to protect your QB. Blaine Gabbert was scared for his life last season, bringing in a guy like Nicks, might help him breathe a little easier under center.

Jason Campbell, QB  

With Carson Palmer outing Campbell from Oakland I think Jacksonville is a good fit for the ex-Auburn play caller. What makes this such a good fit is that Campbell could be an ideal mentor to Blaine Gabbert, while also providing competition for the starting job. If Gabbert can win the job in camp, the Jags have a top end back up should Gabbert go down, and if he doesn’t Gabbert gets time to learn the game from a guy who was once in a very similar situation with the Washington Redskins.

Pierre Garcon, WR

With Vincent Jackson weakening the market for virtually all other free agent receivers, making a move early on Garcon could land the Jaguars with a talented young pass catcher who’s capable of stretching the field and giving you a bit more breathing room in the run game for MJD. After catching passes from Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky there’s no concern that Garcon is reliant on an elite QB to excel and staying in division could end up being a motivating factor.

Josh Morgan, WR

Failing to sign Garcon, or even as a compliment to him, Josh Morgan is a good option that not too many people are talking about. As a 49ers fan I’m hoping they can get him back, but following the news of the Randy Moss signing today and the projection that the Niners will use their first round pick on a receiver Morgan may want to head to a team where he will have a bigger role, and the Jags could offer that. Morgan is fast, he’s got good hands, fantastic work ethic and he can run block pretty well for a guy wearing a number in the 80’s. He’s a great fit in Jacksonville and after the way he started last season could be on the cusp of truly realizing his potential.


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