The Raise of Mark Sanchez

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Sports
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No, I did not rise (that remains to be seen.) Mark Sanchez got a nice big extension from the Jets that could have him in green and white until 2016, but did he really earn it? On the one hand Sanchez helped lead the Jets on playoff runs in his first two seasons and has thrown quite a few super clutch deep balls to win the day for New York, but the extension didn’t come after those two seasons, it comes on the heels of what was ultimately a disappointing third year for the team. To his credit Sanchez did post career bests across the board (including INTs and fumbles.) But issue isn’t with Sanchez, so much as it is the timing.

Up until the extension the Jets had their eye on Peyton Manning making the new contract look like the expensive piece of jewelry you buy a girlfriend to make her forget about you hitting on her second cousin after a few glasses of champagne. All the Jets can do now is hope that Sanchez repays their commitment by delivering a very expensive piece of jewelry of his own, a superbowl ring.

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