Peyton Manning to New Den-mia-wash-attle-zona-land

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Sports

With reporting that Manning’s people received calls from 12 different teams following his release, it looks like all the speculation about him going…well just about anywhere were not too far off. But you’ve got to wonder how many of those teams are actually a fit for the veteran QB. I think Manning’s ideal fit is on a team where he can be allowed to run his offense without too much interference from a head coach.

That said I think that puts San Francisco just about out of the race. Now, I’m sure they’ve put in a call, maybe even set up a meeting, but make no mistake: the Niners are Harbaugh’s team. Obviously Harbaugh’s a QB guy and Manning is one of the best in the game, but I don’t know how you turn your back on Alex Smith after he’s finally found a system he clicks in. I’ll admit to being a 49ers fan who is very much against this move, not because I dislike Peyton Manning, but because I disagree with the notion that we are “a QB away from the Superbowl” because based on last season’s out come we were one WR from the Superbowl, and we don’t even need to look off team, because if Ted Ginn is healthy, not only does he replace Kyle Williams as the punt returner in the Giants game, but he allows the 49ers to actually use 3 WR sets (rather than the 2 WR 2 TE sets that seemed to be all that was called.) Personal qualms aside, signing a big name free-agent like Peyton Manning is not the way the 49ers operate, but who knows a trip to the NFC Championship does funny things to a front office.

I also think the Redskins stock is plummeting. For awhile I considered this one of the top destinations for Manning to land, but the more I think about it the more it looks like Griffin (or failing that Tannehill) will be the guy for the Redskins next year. I actually do still think this would be a good move on Washington’s end, especially if they follow my advice and grab Reggie Wayne in Free Agency and Kirk Cousins in the draft, but it’s a bad fit for Manning. Mike Shannhan’s issues with Donovan McNabb two seasons ago can’t be of much comfort to an aging veteran QB who’s only ever played for one team and could have durability concerns. Even worse playing in the NFC East means playing his younger brother twice a year, which in itself shouldn’t bother Peyton. Heck, he may love the chance to compete against his little brother. What he probably won’t love is hearing all the hype about the ‘Manning Bowl’ twice a year, and have each and everyone one of those games used as a measuring stick for the decline of his own play.

On to barrister, the late entrant who got the early visit. I’m still undecided on this one, but I know this much: signing Peyton Manning is the only way for the Broncos front office to kill Tebowmania. And make no mistake, that is exactly what they are trying to do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Elway and the Broncos want to be rid of Tebow entirely, they’d be happy to let him sit and learn under Peyton Manning, setting them up for the future as well as the present. This is a team that won the AFC West and defeat the then defending AFC Champions, this was a wake up call to the front office that they are a win now team. Demarius Thomas, Eddie Royal and Eric Decker are talented young recievers, and no one can get production from a veteran RB like John Fox, but Willis McGahee can’t go forever. And that potent defense needs to be taken advantage of now, before Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey realize how old they are. Manning gives the Broncos an honest shot to make a deep run in the playoffs while still bringing along Tebow to avoid riots in the streets of Denver.

The Miami Dolphins might be the front runners. That feels like a bit of an odd sentence, but Miami does have a recent history of drawing stars players who made their names elsewhere down to South Beach. I’m still not sold on this move. You’ve got a first year head coach who you brought in for his offensive system, and I’m not sure Adding Manning is the best choice given the market. That said Miami has a run game, and pro-bowl WR in Brandon Marshall and hey Reggie Wayne has already signed on to be the Chris Bosh to Manning’s Lebron which would give Miami an offense capable of keeping pace with the division rival Patriots. Of course as with Manning to the NFC East coming to the AFC East means Manning vs. Brady twice a year, and all the hype that goes with that, though honestly we should be used to that after all the playoff meetings they had. Manning could turn the Dolphins into immediate competitors and the fan base would welcome him with open arms, maybe that’ enough.

(More to come…)



(Disclaimer: My information has been gathered from various articles on, only the opinions are mine.)


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