NFL 2012: The RG3 Sweepstakes

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Sports
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As you may have heard the St. Louis Rams are shopping their No. 2 overal pick in this years draft to the highest bidder. The prize; former Baylor QB and reigning Heisman winner Robert Griffin III. While he doesn’t have the size or Pedigree of Andrew Luck Griffin is being touted as a guy with all the tools to be successful at the next level, which has planty of teams interested. Below I’ve listed a few of the front runners, why Griffin is a fit, why he’s not and what i think the team should do.


Why they should take him: The Browns need star power. Right now there are a handful of really good players in Cleveland, a couple more young guys with a lot of potential and a lot of guys who are just not that good. RG3 gives the Browns a face for the franchise, and could compensate for the lost draft picks by enticing a few mid-level free agents who would otherwise have avoided the Browns like the plague. Griffin provides a cornerstone for Cleveland to build from, because right now the Bengals are on the rise with Dalton and Green, but the Steelers and Ravens are in the decline as their dominant defenses age.

What’s holding them back: The Browns have a lot of needs right now, and QB shouldn’t be topping it. McCoy was playing without any real playmakers at WR or TE, with a backfield that couldn’t stay healthy and behind a so-so offensive line. Don’t forget the Browns have been burned before, Tim Couch anyone? if they give up what they would likely need for Griffin and he falls short of expectations (due to his own short comings or the teams) it will be a devastating blow to the franchise.

Recommendation: Offer the Rams the two first round picks in this years draft, no more. They take it, great. They don’t, grab Morris Claibourne at #4 and lock down the corner slot opposite Joe Haden and look to grab a pass rusher or WR at #22. If St. Louis is as anxious to grab Justin Blackmon as the media leads us to believe Cleveland offers perhaps the only sure shot at the Oklahoma State standout. Trading for a pick after #4 opens the door to the possibility that the Browns, who need a playmaker at WR, go out and grab Blackmon for themselves


Why they should take him: The Redskins need a QB. I know it. They know it. Even Rex Grossman, at this point, knows it. Griffin is the second best QB in the draft, he could also come in and quickly establish himself as a leader for this team, and with a solid defense already in place as well as some young playmakers at RB and a WR corps that showed flashes last season (and could add a high profile free agent) the Skins could be competitive right away. The NFC East was wide open at the beginning of last season, and even the defending Champion Giants only ended up 9-7 in the regular season.

Why they shouldn’t: The Skins pick 6th and Peyton Manning is a free agent. This means they could use the #6 choice on QB Ryan Tannehill, and potentially still bring in Manning as a tudor, in more of a Farve/Rodgers set-up or use the 6th choice on another need (OL?) and go after a second tier QB, in a later round to sit under Manning.

Recommendation: Get Peyton Manning, reunite him with Reggie Wayne and draft Kirk Cousins in the third round.  Cousins has all the intangibles, and I think the skills are there with Shanny and Manning there to guide him the Redskins set themselves up for the future as well as the present.


Why they should take him: The Dolphins already have a pro-bowl WR in Brandon Marshall and a solid ground game with Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush in place. Adding RG3 to the mix could mean a playoff berth for the hard luck Dolphins and give them a big name quarterback to put butts in the seats. Also because of the rules on the new CBA Griffin could end up cheaper than the big contract it would take to grab Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning.

Why they shouldn’t: Ryan Tannehill could still be available at #8 and Matt Flynn is a free agent, both QB’s have a closer relationship to the new Miami coaching staff likely making them better candidates. Peyton Manning’s name should also be thrown on this list, as I’m liking the fit a little more each day. And don’t be fooled Pats fans Manning would love a shootout against the Patriots lousy secondary twice a year.

Recommendation: Pass on RG3, and bring in Flynn or Tannehill to compete with Matt Moore for the starting job. I still think it should be Moore’s job to lose. As mentioned I’m warming up to the Peyton route, Moore would lose the right to compete for the job, but remains essential as the back up to an aging QB coming off of neck surgery.


Why they should take him: Matt Cassel continues to fall out of favor in Kansas City and new head coach Romeo Crennel seems rather fond of Griffin. Not to mention that while the Chiefs looked awful at times last season getting back Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers will be huge, and the AFC West is wide open right now.

Why they shouldn’t: As I said, the Chiefs looked horrible at times last year and they could definitely use the draft picks elsewhere. They also have plenty of cap space to sign Peyton Manning or another free agent QB. Or, you know they could just stick with Matt Cassel, who put together a few monster performances and might just be a decent O-Line and healthy Jamaal Charles from living up to the expectations set by his contract.

Recommendation: I think they make a push but with a pick just outside the top 10 it may be a tough sell. Ultimately they will end up, using the pick to shore up the line, and focus their spare cap space on Peyton Manning. If they get outbid it will be Carl Nicks and Michael Bush coming in to complete the puzzle and set up Matt Cassel to have a break out year.


Why they should take him: There is a need at QB. The team is young, and seems to have an affinity for athletic quarterbacks with big arms. Griffin is an upgrade over Tavaris Jackson, but T-Jax still provides some competition and could serve as opening day starter if Griffin stumbles. He also make for a good back-up.

Why they shouldn’t: The Seahawks started last season slow but they caught fire by the end, and while Tavaris Jackson may not be an elite QB he had a fair amount of success in Pete Carroll’s system. For a team that’s still building the draft picks could turn out to be valuable and falling short of expectation this year only sets the team up to draft Matt Barkley next year.

Recommendation: The Hawks don’t have a high enough pick, so unless the market turns with the signing of Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, (both targets for Seattle as well) Griffin won’t be in blue and green. I think they push harder for Manning than Flynn, they’ll strike out on both and maybe give a ring to Tom Cable’s old pal, Jason Campbell.


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