Football Fantasyland: Pick-Ups No One’s Talking About

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Sports
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So, typically I serve as a bit of a greatest hits of the fantasy analysts I read, but this week I feel like I’ve got some things to say I can’t seem to find. Some players who seem to have been completely forgotten (possibly for good reason) but here goes:

Kregg Lumpkin, RB, Bucs. Okay, so this one is born out of my desperation at RB in a 14 team league, but I think he’s a sleeper pick this week. Lumpkin was originally listed as a part of that running back committee that never quite panned out, but now Blount looks to miss two weeks. I know Earnest Graham will get the start and he surged up when Caddy went down years back (he helped me win a league) but Graham’s a big physical runner and will more than likely be splitting carries (fairly evenly) with Lumpkin and the Saints haven’t exactly been stellar on Defense this year. The way running backs have been coming out of the woodwork, he’s worth a shot if you’re pressed for RB help.

Update: quote from the Bucs site from Raheem Morris- “I need Lumpkin and Earnest to go out there and be a team together and figure out a way to get us what we need rushing, whatever that is.” To me this means the hot hand gets the ball, so if Graham struggles early or Lumpkin breaks a big run the day could be his.

Johnathan Dwyer, RB, Steelers. Okay, definitely not a pick up to make, but I can’t believe that he puts up a 100 yard game one week (yes I know about 80% of it was one run) and gets completely erased from the gameplan the next. Mendenhall will get the start but their watching his carries and I would be surprised to see Dwyer sneaking in there over Redman on the spell work. Some people have talked up the Jags run defense, but the haven’t really faced any good runners (this years edition of Chris Johnson doesn’t count) Like I said not recommending a pick up, but keep an eye on him.

Update: Hopefully, you listened and didn’t actually pick him up. Just read on he’s back to “emergency back”

James Jones, WR, Packers. He’s a high risk/high reward bye week fill in with potential long term upside (in other words if you need a WR, grab him) Everyone talks about the weapons in Green Bay, and it’s true Rodgers spreads the ball like crazy, but Driver rarely gets a look, Finley isn’t the beast he was before going on IR last year and he doesn’t look to the RB’s much that leaves you with Jennings, Nelson and Jones. Jones is my least favorite of the three, but Rodgers was outspoken in making sure he stayed with the team and has been looking to him more and Jones has a TD for two straight weeks with a weak Rams team on the schedule.


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