Football Fantasyland: 2011 Sleepers; Half-Back Ups

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Sports
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It’s that time of year again. The time for busting out the laptops and scouring stats to build the ultimate football team for you to call your very own. With the new season now less than a week away I’m sure everyone is wrapping up there drafts, so I’ve decided to put out a post highlighting some sleepers for this year.

I’ll put in a disclaimer here that one of my league’s is 14 teams, so some of these guys are pretty deep sleepers, but at the very least are worth keeping an eye on.

These guys all come with the disclaimer that if the guy in front of them performs, they don’t get the ball, but they’re also guys playing behind well known disappointments.

Chester Taylor, HB, Cardinals. Meet the new Tim Hightower. Seriously, they let Hightower go to bring in Ryan Williams, he goes down and they’re back stuck with Beanie Wells. Then the Bears drop Taylor and suddenly they have a guy who can catch the ball out of the backfield. It’s also worth noting that Kolb is coming from an Eagles team who’s only run play is the screen pass. Obviously it’s a new playbook, but Kolb will still look for his HB on checkdowns.

Willis Mcgahee, HB, Broncos. I’m still not a believer in Knowshon Moreno, (health or talent wise) and John Fox has never let a players age stop him (remember Stephen Davis?) In any case, the preseason has shown Mcgahee is going to be the guy at the goal line, so he’ll hav value there at least.

Jerome Harrison, HB, Lions. Jahvid Best is the guy, but he wasn’t supposed to be. The Lions Drafted Mikel LeShoure early in this years draft to be the work horse. They also signed Harrison and Recently claimed Keiland Williams. They aren’t sold on Best and if he gets hurt or underperforms Harrison is the only other back I trust between the tackles.

Cadillac Williams, HB, Rams. High quality handcuff. That’s really the best I can say for Caddie. Stephen Jackson is a beast who probably won’t be sitting out many plays, especially in a pass happy offense, but if Jackson goes down Williams steps up. Simple as that.

Anthony Dixon, HB, 49ers. This is a less traditional sort of handcuff. Kendall Hunter showed that he’s number one back up, but Dixon is a big bull rusher and I think he’s going to get a few looks at the goal line with or without Frank Gore. Without Gore is really where he’d have value though as Hunter is a rookie and not only does that make him historically susceptible to an injury himself, but he’d likely split time with Dixon to keep his legs fresh.


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