Football Fantasyland: 2011 Sleepers; Deep in the Tight End

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Sports
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Part two of what is apparently my postion by position breakdown of Fantasy Sleepers for the 2011 season.

Again I have the disclaimer that these are guys to watch moreso than pick-up right away, but I actually feel a little better about these tight ends chance to make an impact if you missed out on a top tier guy (Gates, Clark, Witten, Daniels, Davis) As the title suggests I think the TE position could be very deep this year. Almost all teams have a pass catching tight end and in a more and more pass friendly league it’s only a matter of time before we see more guys stepping up. Here’s who I like:

Lance Kendricks, TE, Rams. I keep seeing things crop up about this guy, and they’re all good. Apparently McDaniels loves the guy, so he’ll be on the field. And Bradford is still young and will be likely looking to the big tight end if he gets into trouble…or you know if he’s smoked a linebacker and is wide open 40 yards down field. Kendricks is a rookie and that makes him a little risky since hasn’t played a full game at the professional level yet, but just keep an eye out for him.


Todd Heap, TE, Cardinals. Heap is not known for his blocking, which traditionally has been the role of the Cardinals TE, but what you have to remember is this is not the Superbowl contender Cardinals. This is not a team lead by a quarterback trained in Mike Martz system. Boldin and Breaston are gone, no #2 WR really stepped up. Beanie wells fell back into the starting job at running back. The Cardinals will be throwing and Todd Heap will be Kolb’s safety valve when Fitzgerald is double teamed downfield.

Greg Olsen, TE, Panthers. I’m still not completely sold on this one myself. Like Heap, Olsen was not brought in to be a blocker. Olsen has all the tools to be a top TE in the NFL. Unfortunately, that’s not why I’m skeptical. The Panthers have a rookie QB who likes to scramble and two talented RBs, so even without John Fox this is not a pass first team. When they do pass though Olsen makes a nice big target for Cam Newton, which is important since the loss of David Gettis to the IR likely means Steve Smith will once again be seeing a lot of double teams. Jeremy Shockey’s presence also makes me nervous, but I have to believe you don’t trade for Olsen if you’re happy with what you’ve got.




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